1rst Workshop on Algorithmic Audits of Algorithms (WAAA)

May 23rd 2023 - Online (Zoom): 8:45am New York (2:45pm Paris)


Nowadays, many crucial algorithms (recommendation, scoring, ranking and classification) are operated at third party providers, without users or institutions having any insights on how they operate on their data. Such a black-box setup challenges scientists to show what is feasible in terms of audits, both on theoretical and efficiency-oriented aspects.
This workshop aims at summing up the current state of algorithmic-audits through recent scientific advances.

The workshop will take place online (Zoom), please register to attend (see below).


14:45-15:00(Paris)/08:45-09:00(New York): Welcome

15:00-15:30(Paris)/09:00-09:30(NY): Tubes & Bubbles - Topological confinement of YouTube recommendations (PLOS ONE 2020)

15:30-16:00(Paris)/09:30-10:00(NY): On the relevance of APIs facing fairwashed audits (arXiv 2023)

16:00-16:30(Paris)/10:00-10:30(NY): Confidential-PROFITT: Confidential PROof of FaIr Training of Trees (ICLR 2023)

16:30-17:00(Paris)/10:30-11:00(NY): Auditing for discrimination in ad delivery, with and without platform support (CSCW 2023)

17:00-17:30(Paris)/11:00-11:30(NY): A zest of lime: towards architecture-independent model distances (ICLR 2022)

17:30-18:00(Paris)/11:30-12:00(NY): Active fairness auditing (ICML 2022)

18:00(Paris)/12:00(NY) : wrap-up


A poster for publicizing the event.